Why Hire a Senior UI/UX Designer for Your Project?


Hiring decisions have never been easy, especially when hiring senior roles on the verge of creativity and technical knowledge. You have to stay smart and never lose focus of your development goals when looking for the right talents for your project. This article showcases the best ways to hire a senior UI/UX designer to let your next project meet the users' expectations and market needs as accurately as possible.

Why a senior

According to the best software development practices, mixing the team members with different experience levels is the right approach since it opens up better collaboration and experience exchange opportunities. Having a senior UI/UX designer on board along with middle and junior specialists, depending on your project requirements, is also the right tactic. Here's why.

  • A senior UI/UX designer has a lot of hands-on expertise. Expect a winning mix of technical knowledge and skills enhanced by creative and critical thinking, plus the previous use-cases from which the Senior designer can suggest the winning ideas.
  • They come with a bag of proven solutions. Where a less experienced designer would need to go through a long path of trial and error to find the perfect solution to your problem, a pro will most probably have it already solved in one of their live projects.
  • They have the skill to see a holistic picture and its flaws. The practical experience of a design pro enhanced by critical and creative thinking allows them to evaluate the prototype as a whole and instantly find potential stumbling blocks. That is, you can expect a well-developed prototype on the first try and avoid costly mistakes at an MDP development stage. (MDP is for Minimum Delightful Product, as one of our clients puts it :)).
  • They save you money. While costing more from the hourly-rate perspective, an experienced designer in your team might actually help you save your budget in the long run. They would instantly detect and prevent mistakes often made at the early stages of a project's development. That includes unscalable app architectures, incomplete user flows, unnecessarily custom UI solutions, and more. Designers who had never dealt with such things would probably overlook them, which would cause a lot of headaches and bloat the development budget sky-high as your project would grow.

"If you think good design costs a fortune, then we hope you'll never get to know how much bad design does."

When you need a senior UI/UX designer

OK, having a senior designer under your roof would do your project only good. But there are some specific cases when hiring them is critical.

Validating and prototyping your promising idea

A winning idea is always at the heart of any promising startup. Say you've come up with such an idea, and now, you need to validate it, prove its technical feasibility and prototype it so that it helps the users solve their problems. In this case, hiring a UI/UX designer with a holistic, creative, and technical vision in one bottle is essential.

Redesigning your existing app

This is another case when your project needs the help of a senior UI/UX designer. Your application may face the need for redesigning for various reasons, but most often, this results from the enhanced competition, changed users' preferences, and new design trends combination. To successfully meet all the new requirements your business faces, you should consider hiring an experienced specialist.

Strengthening your design team

Depending on the complexity and specifics of your project, you can approach gathering a design team differently, mixing the skills and talents in such a way to meet your app's necessities better. Still, strengthening your team members with a senior designer is always a wise approach since, in this case, you can be more confident that your design process follows the right path.

Where to find a senior UI/UX designer

There are several ways to hire a seasoned designer for your project. Let's try to figure out which of them is the best.

Freelance platforms

Looking for a designer on freelance platforms might be the first to come to mind being the most straightforward approach. Still, it comes with its pros and cons.

  • Choosing from a large number of candidates, accessing the global talent pool;
  • Affordable cost compared to other models.
  • The more options you have, the more time you have to spend choosing the ultimately right candidate;
  • There is a risk of miscommunication, loss of control, inconvenient time zones, the language barrier, and cultural gaps;
  • Even having found a true senior designer, you can rarely expect them to be fully committed to your project.

Outsourcing software development companies

If your project needs a more intelligent software design and development strategy, you can consider a partnership with a full-cycle software development company. This is the most reasonable option since it allows for saving both time and money.

  • There is a wide choice of software development companies with niche expertise;
  • Design services almost always come as a part of a service package (in case you need one);
  • You can hire a ready-made team and get started instantly;
  • In case of sick leave or any other force majeure, a company will most likely replace your designer with an equal specialist.
  • You often pay for the designer's office hours, not the actual hours spent on working on the project;
  • In-company designers may lack communicative skills. In this case, you'll have to communicate via the company's manager, which may lead to a lot of billed hours of additional communication;
  • If there's not enough direct communication, you are never sure if the designer attached to your project meets the stated skill level.

Dedicated communities and platforms

If you aren't ready to spend a lot of time looking for a freelance senior designer, you don't need to hire a development company at the current stage of your project development. You can consider hiring such a specialist on your own.

There are dedicated platforms and curated communities that allow for getting in touch with niche and senior-level specialists. For example, at Heads of Design, you can hire a pro designer almost instantly. Heads of Design assigns your project with the best-fit candidate based on your requirements and the designer's track record on projects of similar complexity.

Pros of hiring via Heads of Design
  • You get yourself a designer within a week;
  • Each member of the community is a validated pro with at least five years of design experience;
  • The flexible subscription model lets you avoid non-project-related commitments;
  • You can subscribe to as few as 15 hours weekly, just to get backed with a designer's on-demand support for your project;
  • You don't need to micromanage the designer's work: a pro will only need your input on crucial design decisions.

Hiring a designer for your project is always a challenge. It is the person directly responsible for the final solution's visual appearance, aesthetics, overall usability, and the experience your users will get.

That's why it's in your best interest to hire a designer who's focused on problem-solving rather than just blindly following project specifications. And having a senior designer with years of experience and a number of finished products guarantees that will solve your customers' pain points and your business interests will be met.

Remember, if your project needs a designer asap, better call Heads of Design. Or drop us a line, and we’ll manage the best fit for you.