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Fair hourly rates • One-time validation • Flexible schedule • Fully remote

Join our community of Senior UI & UX Designers and connect with the most perspective businesses worldwide 👾🚀

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Got tired of your fool full-time job?
Here is what you get with us:

1. Work with global brands and top startups directly

We match you with a client based on your skills and their business needs.

2. We take care of the wage and other paperwork

No stress. You sign a contract with us and get paid every two weeks.

3. High-level support from our Heads of Design

Connect with our Principal Designers when you need help with the project.

4. Opportunity to be your own boss

You can work remotely per your individual schedule at fair hourly rates.

The Head of Design Ambassadors are:

  • UI/UX Rockstars with 5+ years of experience.
  • Open for part-time and full-time projects.
  • Ready to work 15-30 hours per week.
  • Have exceptional communication skills.
  • Deliver Uber-level designs ready for development.
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